Fall Blogging!! -Need your input

Hello everyone! I just have a quick couple¬†questions for y’all and if you would take just a couple minutes to fill out these couple of polls, I would soooo greatly appreciate it! My blog is for you all and I want to hear what you have to say.

The first poll is about my fall blogging. If you remember way, way back when I started my blog, I would post everyday. That got old fast… ūüôā¬† Then I cut it down to 3 days a week (mon, wed, fri) which I was doing up until the summer, when I cut back to once a week, on Mondays. Now, as we get back into the school year, I’m wondering about how many posts I should try to put out there in a week. This is where I need your help. Look down below and let me know what you are thinking.

This second poll is about my content. I want to post things that are entertaining/helpful to you. If you would let me know what you think, that would be so great! (Just so you know, when it says “comment” after these, than that means that you can put your input in the comments.)

Thank you soooo very much. Your input is so greatly valued by me!¬† ūüôā

~Maris¬†¬† ūüôā

DIY Jello Watermelon

Good morning ya’ll! Welcome to¬†another Monday! I can’t believe we’re about half-way through August! It feels SO CRAZY and honestly I’m freaking out (in a bad way) about school starting again. I’ve had summer since May and I just won’t know what to do when school starts.

I just needed to let you know about 2 things before we start today: today we start cross country! That means I’m done my summer miles. I don’t know if you remember but at the beginning of summer (officially June 1st) I started running my “summer miles.” So, from June 1st-Saturday (August 12th), I ran 300 miles. (Actually 303.5 miles but whatever.) The¬† second thing is that my parents had their 29th Anniversary yesterday! Happy Anniversary mom and day! Love you both so much!¬† ‚̧

Anyways, because it IS STILL SUMMER (yay!!) it is time for another DIY! Today I am presenting to you the

DIY Jello Watermelon!

Materials: watermelon, plastic wrap, bowls (1 to boil water in, others for setting your extra Jello), measuring cup, knife, Jello (I got the generic, cheap Jello in multiple colors)

1. Take your watermelon and cut out all the insides. This part is a little hard. I first started by cutting it out with a knife but halfway I just started scoping it out with a spoon. I was eating the watermelon along the way (not all of it of course) and it was pretty tasty. I just put the rest in a container and stuck that in the fridge.


2. Create your Jello following the instructions on the box. Making Jello is actually pretty simple and all my boxes had instructions for how to do it. Basically I boiled 1 cup of water, mixed it with the Jello powder for 2 min, mixed in cold water, then put it in the fridge to chill and set.

3. Pour in your Jello. You need to let the layers set for sure before you pour in the next layer. It took about 2 hours or so for each of my Jello layers¬†to set. A tip: even if it still looks and jiggles like a liquid, check it with a spoon or your finger to see if it’s set or not. This way, you won’t waste too much time just waiting until the Jello looks solid. If it’s solid, then the next layer can go on.

You can do as many colors and layers as you want. I chose to do rainbow colors and did¬†them¬†in rainbow order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). Just a word of warning: my yellow layer seemed to disappear…no idea why. It was there and I poured it in so just be careful with lighter colors.

Another tip: with your extra Jello, you can either do another Jello watermelon (if you space it out enough and have enough mixture) or you can just let the extra set in another container. Either way, it will still taste good!

4. After all the layers are in place and have set, it is time for you to cut into your creation. Be careful as you do this because my Jello started to slide out.

I tried to cut it with the watermelon rind on the bottom (like on the picture at the top)¬†but it didn’t hold up so well. (If you are trying to accomplish the picture up top, then I would suggest maybe not using as much water, letting each layer set longer, and possibly freezing the Jello before you cut and serve.

What did it cost??¬† I spent like $5 on Jello (getting the cheap kind still tastes good and isn’t expensive!). The watermelon was a little more expensive, around $6-$7. So all in all, I spent around $12 on this DIY.

The review:¬†Ok, so this is a really cool, fun, easy project. I spend about 3 days on it just because I was waiting for the layers to set and then I was gone, but I’m pretty sure you could do this in a day (if you were really faithful about the Jello setting). This project only has 2 drawbacks that I found.

First of all, it was really hard to cut like the picture up top. That picture is from the video that I watched and she made it seem really easy, but in reality it wasn’t that easy. Also, mine didn’t look as good as hers (but that might have just been the different shades of Jello colors I used).

The other drawback was the amount of Jello. Guys, there is a WHOLE LOT OF JELLO!!!! I actually wouldn’t suggest making this unless you really love to eat Jello or unless you have a large group coming over and you’re going to serve this. We still have a whole bowlful of Jello sitting in our fridge. (But I also made the mistake of making this project and only afterwards finding out that my fam doesn’t like Jello, so maybe check that before hand.)¬† ūüôā

All in all, I would give this project

If you really like Jello or are just looking for a cheapish, cool DIY to complete, than this is a perfect DIY for you! It is really cool in theory, just has a couple drawbacks.

Guys, let me know what you are thinking of my DIY summer series!! Do you like this-me completing DIYs and then reviewing them? Let me know!

Also comment on some DIY ideas¬†you want me to try because I only have 2 more weeks and then…well, I’m sure you know what’s coming up.¬† ūüė¶

I hope you all have a wonderful week! (Look forward to a post tomorrow because I have something important to ask y’all about!)

~Maris¬† ūüôā

DIY Graphic Tee

Hello everyone! How are all doing?! Are you enjoying this summer weather? Here where we are, it has been cooler but that’s been nice for my cross country training. I am ready for the heat though-so we can enjoy the last few weeks of summer on the boat of course!!

Today I am here bringing you another awesome (and easy)¬†DIY!! This is…

the DIY graphic tee!!

You know how you see those cute t-shirts cute designs, patterns, sayings, symbols, ect? Here today, we have a way to create our own customized and DIYed graphic shirts! Let’s get into it!!

Materials: a blank shirt of any color, 2 pieces of construction paper, fabric paint, paint brush

1. Get a print you like and sketch it onto a piece of your construction paper. You can freehand a design too!

I found this really cute print:

I really like it and so I decided to freehand it onto the construction paper. This took a little doing so tracing it might be easier…but if you’re an artist, go for it!!¬† ūüôā

2. Cut out the design. I used a pocket knife, you can use scissors depending on how delicate your design is. I had the “you decide” part at the bottom but I couldn’t get it cut out so I just left it at the 2 faces. ūüôā

3. Put a piece of construction paper in between the back and front of the shirt, than paint in your design. Putting construction paper in between is super important to do before the actual painting because the paint does come through the material. This just keeps the back of the shirt safe and keeps everything where you want it.

Use your homemade stencil and dab the paint. Just be careful about the sides because the paint does have a way of somehow sneaking around the stencil, getting out.

4. Let¬†the paint¬†dry and then peel the stencil off. Once off, you might have to fix the edges (like I was saying before). I also added some more paint on a few spots that didn’t have very much paint and you could see the shirt color¬†through.

The finished product!! I think they turn out quite alright! For the one on the right I did a quote from Captain America. It is one of my exercise shirts anyway.

What did it cost?? Well, the shirts I got both at thrift stores and I think they were around $2-$3 each. Not expensive. The white fabric paint I got from Hobby Lobby was $2.50. So this project amounted up to about $5.50 (not including the construction paper which we already had at home).

The review: I have really enjoyed doing this DIY! Any pattern or design you do (in my opinion) even if it isn’t perfect, turns out nice! It’s a nice way to spruce up an otherwise bland shirt and the nice parts about it are: it isn’t expensive, it is super easy, and you can create whatever kind of shirt you want!

All in all, I’d give this project

I have never been disappointed with the results of this so I would definitely try it!

Comment down below if you try this project and how it turns out for you! As you know, I always LOVE reading what y’all have to say! Have a wonderful week!

~Maris¬† ūüôā

DIY Phone Case

Welcome all! I hope you are having a fantastic, relaxing¬†Monday! Summer is so great. ūüôā I am super exited to bring y’all another DIY today!!

Today, we are doing a…. DIY silicone phone case!!!

Materials: corn starch, silicon (Walmart), throw-away mixing bowl, plastic wrap, wax paper, knife, rolling pin, tape, contact cement (optional and not pictured)

1. The first thing to do is to cover your phone all over with plastic wrap. I also¬†put a paper over the front of the phone under the plastic wrap to make sure we didn’t get silicone or corn starch in the phone.

2. Next is to mix the corn starch and the silicone together very fast!! I don’t have an exact measurement for how much silicone and how much corn starch, but you will need a good amount of corn starch (2-3 cups…I’m just estimating) and then start pumping in the silicone. When you are mixing it, you will know when it is mixed.

The little bottle I have pictured isn’t enough for the project. You will need lots more! The problem with the 1st case I attempted was that I didn’t have enough silicone. I pumped in basically the whole bottle but when I¬†rolled it out,¬†I didn’t have enough material to pull all the way over the phone. (I’ll explain more on that later.)

You also don’t want too much corn starch, leave it a little wetter. The more corn starch you put in, the faster it dries. My 2nd attempt at a case didn’t work because the case dried before I was able to mold it to my phone. So don’t make it too dry peeps!

When you are mixing it, make sure you use a throw away container or something you don’t mind getting siliconey. Let’s just say I know from experience that¬†it is VERY hard to get off your glass bowls.

BE VERY CAREFUL on this mixing step. I was¬†engulfed in fumes and I almost felt sick from them…it was not good.¬† ūüė¶ I had to have my brother come and just fan the area for me while we were adding silicone to the mixture¬†because it was SO BAD! Just be careful peeps!

3. Step¬†3 is to take the corn starch mix out of the bowl and roll it out on wax paper (using extra corn starch like flour so it doesn’t stick to your rolling pin).

4. Once you have it rolled out like dough, take your phone and wrap and mold the silicone over it. It is totally fine to have extra on the side (as you can see I do not have in this picture) because you can cut it off later.

5. The silicone dries very fast so you will probably only have to wait a few minutes for it to dry. After it is dry, you can take your phone out, cut off the excess on the sides and you are done with your basic phone case!! You will probably want to cut out the hole for your phone camera, charger, ect.

6. This is optional but very fun: customize your phone case! I had soooo many designs picked out and I finally narrowed it down to two (although, I’m probably going to do another one with Hamilton!) This is where you use your contact cement because I found that normal glue doesn’t let paper attach to silicone.

What did it cost?? This wasn’t too expensive. The only thing I needed to get that I didn’t already have was the silicone (which was pretty cheap at Walmart). All in all, it only cost me like $3.

The review: This was a very cool project…in theory. I was pretty exited when I saw this as a DIY because my phone is so old that they don’t make cases for it any more. I also liked that you can customize it (yay for customizations!) There are a couple of flaws though.

First off, it is a pretty hard project to complete. I attempted the project 3 times before it finally worked, and even then it wasn’t that great. Also, the silicone is super messy and when it gets on something, it doesn’t come off except with your fingernail…literally!

Secondly, it takes a lot of time for not much of a profit.

Thirdly, this was not realistic for using as phone case. It was pretty big, the corn starch keeps getting everywhere (you’ll know what I mean), and the sides that you are supposed to cut off are super uneven. ūüė¶

With all these things in mind, my stars would only be


I don’t want to totally discourage you from trying this project though! The video that I watched and other pictures that I’ve seen of this same project look good. It just takes a little¬†trial and error and I’m sure if you tried it enough times, you could get a pretty cool phone case!

Let me know in the comments below if you try this DIY or have tried it and if you have succeeded. I’m sure this is a very cool project, once done under skilled hands. ūüôā Have a wonderful Monday¬†y’all and I’ll see you next week!

~Maris¬† ūüôā

Summer Favorites!!

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it is the start of another summer week! It feels like, for me at least, last week went by so fast! (Can y’all believe we are in the last week of July???!!!)

Now, today as you can see from my title, isn’t a DIY! I know, I said I would get to doing them¬†and I do have lots¬†coming,¬†but I wanted to get this post out there before August, kind of while we are still in the “middle of the summer”.

This post is a “Summer Favorites” so that basically means that I’m going to be showing you my go-to summer items. I’ll be attempting to tell you what stores these things came from but a lot of these things were actually thrift store finds (especially in the clothing department) but hang with me!


I thought it would be appropriate to start off in the clothing department. These 3 are my GO TO shirts!! I love them so much and I wear them basically every day. These are all Goodwill finds…I¬†can tell you their brands though: the grey one is from Old Navy, the black and white one is from American Eagle, and the green one is from the Loft.

All these shirts have pockets. I don’t know why I was attracted to that feature…. ūüôā

On top of all the shirts are my these jean shorts. I wear these all the time! I love the darker color of the jean because it makes it seem a little nicer. ūüôā

I wanted to put these 3 pictures of the 2¬†dresses in because I just got these and I am super duper exited about wearing them. Unfortunately, they are both thrift store finds as is my kimono, the checkered shirt, and my brown shoes. (And yes, I am standing on the toilet in 2 of these picture because we don’t have a full length mirror y’all!!) ūüėČ


As we move onto hair, I had to put this styles in first. In this picture, I have extensions in, but I do this style all the time. I call it ‘the bun back’. This is a style I do when I want to wear my hair down but I need to keep it out of the way and I also need it to look half decent. I really go-to this one a lot when I go out.


This is my messy bun. I used to really be self-conscious of my thin hair and I would never just do buns with my own hair; I would use a hair¬†donut or I would tease my hair like crazy to give it¬†volume. I’ve since then embraced my thin hair (which actually isn’t that terribly thin) and have been doing buns where I wrap my hair around itself, or, if I actually care about getting a big messy bun, I use bobby pins and some hair teasing. I do this messy bun style a lot because I like to get my hair out of the way!

The 2 hairstyles that I don’t have pictured here that I do quite frequently are a ponytail and then a fishtail/French braid. The ponytail I find really complements the chokers I like to wear and also is a really nice way to get hair out of my face! The French braid I usually wear in my hair overnight to give it some texture (which I find really helpful!) The fishtail braid isn’t one I sport much, but when I do, I have extensions in and I wear it as a side braid. I like this one because I can get it looking really bohemian.¬† ūüôā

While we’re still in the hair department, I had to mention this dry shampoo that I’m using. Because I’m trying to get distance in between my showers for hair health (which I can explain in a later hair care post), I have been using this dry shampoo to keep control of the grease. I don’t use it to often, but when my hair is greasy and I don’t want to take a shower, this has saved me!


This summer, I have been a little obsessed with chokers! I really love them you guys. So, on the left we have one of my chokers (from Walmart) and a necklace from my wonderful sister (from Kohls…). I actually don’t wear a lot of jewelry and so this short, small necklace has been a really nice just add in there for a little more….bling (??).

On the¬†right we have a tie-around choker with little gold things at the bottom (Walmart). I literally just got this on the weekend and I’m so exited about it!! I’ve already worn it out and it just makes an outfit a little more formal! All these pieces I¬†have literally been wearing every day (or every time I go out!)

The other necklace I have been¬† loving is a little silver bird (from my sister from Walmart). I have lost it recently though and it makes me so sad!!¬† ūüė¶

These gladiator sunglasses (is that what they are called??) are my friends!! I just got them at the beginning of the summer, because now that I am driving, sunglasses are a necessity. I had some, but they weren’t really “cool”. I actually got these for my sister for her birthday, but then she got some of her own before I could give these to her. So, I just took them myself. I got them from Walmart and I pretty much love them (except that whenever I put them on the top of my head, they attach to my hair so…. ūüė¶

Because I am driving now, I got this little Vera Bradly wallet thingy from Amazon. It has been super duper nice because I don’t need a pure, just something simple to carry my ID and credit cards. This is the perfect thing.¬† ūüôā

I had to throw these shoes in y’all! These have been my constant summer companions. I wear them everywhere (and I’m not kidding!). I actually got these from Goodwill last summer and they have been with me ever since.

Before we leave the accessories part, I wanted to throw in my Burt’s Bees chap stick! I have been using this so much! Actually now that I think about it, I use it much more in the winter because of my dry skin, but I do use the color stuff in the summer. Because I don’t really wear makeup at all, using the color in the Burt’s Bees chap stick has added a nice touch that I enjoy! I would suggest trying this brand of chap stick because it is good quality and natural!

Favorites in the Art:

I wanted (no, needed!) to let you know about my favorites in the arts! The first one is the¬†musical Hamilton!! I am pretty much obsessed with this musical right now! The music is awesome and the story and the writing are superb! If you haven’t heard of or listened to Hamilton, I would highly recommend it (the clean version of course).

The other thing that I’ve been reading is this book by Lindsey Stirling. For those of you who remember WAY BACK on my blog, I did a little biography thingy about her on my blog. She is a very talented violinist. I like a lot of her music and music videos! This book is her biography and it is so amazing! She is so honest and open, it makes you feel like you know her. ūüôā I read this book last summer, and this summer I got myself my own copy to read and keep. I would really recommend this book if you’re looking for something to read.

Well, that’s it! I hope that you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading it all the way through!¬†Comment below on what you like most out of my summer favorites or tell me about some of your own! I love to hear about all that you are doing in the summer y’all! Look next week for more DIYs but until then, have a fantastic week!

~Maris¬† ūüôā

DIY Ball Gown

Hello everyone!!! I hope your last week has been amazing! Can you believe it is already the middle of July?! Scary!

As y’all can see, I have another DIY up for you. Now this really isn’t one of those easy/really fun/simple/you-will-probably-want-to-do-this DIY. It was more of a project that I did and I want to share it with you. It was¬†pretty exiting for me, and my results prove that it can be done!¬†It took a long time, but now it is finally “finished”. I present to you: my Cinderella gown!

(Again, very sorry about the pictures. I actually don’t have an awesome picture of it but this one gives you the jist of what is going on.)

Supplies: lots of material (colors of your choice-I mostly blues and whites), spray paint (sparkles, blues, ect), grommets for making the bodice/corset part, rope or ribbon for corset

What To Do!!

Just so you know, this dress was all hand sewn (which is probably why it is so bad, peeps). I wasn’t creating this dress to be worn out or to go into a contest or anything like that, so this isn’t a very professional or tested and tried way of creating a gown. This was made just for fun so don’t expect your dress from these instructions to be amazing.

The other disclaimer I have is that I¬†created this entire dress by hand. I did this mostly because I didn’t have easy access to a sewing machine and I find I have more control over what’s going on when I do it by hand. Now, with¬†disclaimers out of the way, let’s go!¬† ūüôā

1. Bodice

As you can see, I had a blue bodice. The first thing I did was to take a bodice from a different dress and fit it to me. Next I sewed blue material from a different dress overtop the original bodice. (I also added bra pads and sewed them in.)

After that, I took grommets, measured where I wanted them to be, and pounded them in with a hammer. I recommend doing this step on a¬†cement floor (like the garage or basement floor). It really helps with the process and the surface isn’t easily damaged. Next¬†I threaded a ribbon through¬†the grommets¬†and this step¬†was complete.

2. Skirt

For this skirt, because I wanted it very puffy and flowy, I¬†used many layers (5 to be exact). (I used¬†layers from other dress skirts, a table cloth, and then the top layer was a window curtain. No one will know, right!? ūüôā¬†)

Gathering: I first gathered the material to fit my waist. (If you don’t know what gathering is, you can see a simple explanation here.)

Measure to bodice: I put the bodice on and then the hoop skirt. (Because I wanted it to be large and puffy, I used a hoop skirt underneath.) I then measured the skirts over top of this to what I wanted them to be, length wise and layer wise. I pined the layers together with safety pins. If you are doing this on yourself, you will need help.

Sew together: The next step is to sew the skirts together. Because I had so many layers, I had to use a giant needle. I went the whole length of the waist part of the skirt 3-4 times to make sure they were put together securely.

Sew to bodice:¬†When this was completed¬†I sewed this massive heap¬†of layers to the bottom of the bodice. This was one part that didn’t turn out that well.¬†All my hand sewing showed¬†on the outside of the bodice. ūüė¶ I still haven’t figured out a way to cover that sewing up so if y’all have any tips on how to do this, I would appreciate it!

Spray paint: Because I used a white curtain on top, I decided to spray paint it blue. To add some character to the blue, I not only used blue but a dark blue, a purple, a light blue, and sparkles (which I added to it in a splotchy, artsy way). It made it a little more magical.

Hem as needed: The last part (which I still haven’t done yet) is to hem the bottom of your skirts as needed. Some of the layers¬†are hemmed, some are not. So just finish up that part.

3. Sleeves

I had 2 pieces to the sleeves: a glittery material for the top, and a puffy material (that was previously sleeves). The glittery material was very dark so I added sparkles to it. It didn’t really change the color that much but it looked pretty. ūüôā

Before I sewed them together, I measured the puffy material to how I wanted it to sit on my shoulders. I then gathered that material to fit the length I needed.

I then sewed the two materials¬†together it a kind of puffy way. It is really hard to describe but it wasn’t really in a particular way.

After that, I attached them to the dress.

I hope those instructions explained my process thouroughly enough. It was super fun to do. I actually based my Cinderella gown after the one from the 2015 movie. It didn’t really look like it in beauty or colors, but it does in style. ūüôā

Here is my completed¬†project…


(Just to tell you, my sister Lu is modeling the gown! Thanks Lu!)

What did it cost?? Well, the dresses and extra material I bought all came to around $50 (I got all my material from Goodwill). It was so much cheaper then purchasing new material from a craft store. I found all my spray paint from Hobby Lobby that came to around $15 in total.

The review: This was such a fun project to do!! I’m not completely finished with it, need to complete some seams, change the color of the sleeves, etc. Because it was all hand sewn and I’m not a professional seamstress,¬†it isn’t a very polished dress and I wouldn’t wear it out or anything (as I’ve already said).¬†This dress was¬†mainly just for fun for me to create. ūüôā

I would give this DIY

If any of you try this project or create your own dress of any kind, I would love to hear about it!!! I hope you enjoy!

~Marielle¬† ūüôā

Get In The Show-Top 25!!!

Hello everyone! I know it is Thursday and I usually never post on this day, but I have a really exiting announcement.

I don’t know how many of you know about Focus on the Family or Adventures in Odyssey but they are groups that focus on helping families by producing great, wholesome audio stories, podcasts, ect.

This summer for their Adventures in Odyssey radio program, they were doing a Get in the Show contest. Kids could create videos of themselves reading a script and then send them in. Then the Odyssey people would chose the top 50 from all the videos.

Well, out of the 2,300 videos that were sent in, my friend Jayden was chosen in the top 50! People then watched the videos and just on Monday, the top 25 from those 50 were announced and guess what, Jayden was in the top 25!

He’s been asking people to vote for him and so y’all, this is where you come in. If you would go and vote for Jayden, it would really mean a lot to him. This is such an amazing opportunity! You can find all the videos here. His audition is the very last one at the bottom. (All the rules of the contest and whatever you need to know are on the website at the link.)

Thanks everyone! Have a fantastic rest of your week!

~Maris¬† ūüôā