Wild Mountain Skiing

Hello Everyone! I finally have all the pictures ready to go. I will start at the beginning of the day.

My little brother laid out his ski clothes the night before.

DSCN0211 (These are my brother’s clothes)

It took us a hour and a half to get there but finally we did. This is the sign at the beginning when you first enter.

DSC_3937 (The sign at the front of the place)

After you get in the lodge there are a couple things you see. One of them is this creative chair made of skies.

DSCN0233 (Chair made of skies)

The next thing that you do, is to check in and get rentals. This is a picture of my ski and my brother’s.

DSCN0237 (Top: My ski; Bottom: Brother’s ski)

The next thing you should look at is the map of the ski hills so you know which ones to go to.

DSCN0255 (Ski map)

The next thing is to get on the ski lifts and go up to the top of the hills.

DSCN0230 (The ski lift)

DSCN0248 (My sister on the ski lift behind me)

These are two of my favorite ski hills to go down. The blue square is the ‘more difficult trail’. The black diamond is the ‘most difficult trail’. I loved them both!

DSCN0262 (The blue square trail ‘Moonshine’)

DSCN0260 (The black diamond trail ‘Ego Alley’)

The other thing I loved to do is go down the terrain (jumps).

DSCN0270 (The fun terrain)

Hoped you guys liked my pictures. Our skiing was so fun. The wild mountain website URL is http://wildmountain.com/index.php if you want to check it out. (I would suggest it.) Thanks so much to my grandfather again.

~Maris 🙂



One thought on “Wild Mountain Skiing

  1. Thanks for the great report from your trip to Wild Mountain last Thursday. I really liked your picture selection. Well done!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your day, and it was fun to watch you for a little while. Love, Pa


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