According to the Poll….

Hey guys. According to the poll, you had 2 votes so far on pictures and 1 vote on random. So here is what I am going to do. I will some pictures today with another poll and tomorrow will be something totally random. I know some of you have found it difficult with the polls because you can only pick 1 answer and so I am trying to fix that. Thanks guys for your cooperation with me. I am still learning the stuff on here.

Here is your poll and pictures…..

Look at the pictures below of the seasons.

DSC_8991  (Spring)

DJ1_0781  (Summer)

DSCN9386  (Fall)

DSC_7450  (Winter)

Now that I have jostled your memories, which season is your favorite. (By the way, all these pictures were taken around our house and I took the fall one.)

Can you guys comment about if the poll worked with multipul answers please. That would be great!



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