Hey guys! Some of you voted random in the poll and so here it is.

Clouds. Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen the clouds? Sure you have, I hope! 🙂 I have a  few pictures of clouds for you. I will number the pictures for youto comment on them if you like them or what you think they look like. Please do. It will be fun for me to read and if you have really good ideas I will post them on Saturday. Also on Saturday, I will tell you why we took the picture of the clouds and what we think they look like. (My sister took all of these.)

DSCN4263 #1

DSCN4279 #2

DJC_8870 #3

So what do you guys see? Tell me in the comments. Thanks and have a great Friday!



One thought on “Clouds

  1. In picture 2 there seems to be a doggie streaking across the sky. He’s going so fast that he’s just a blur and he seems to be wearing goggles.
    In picture 3 I see some traffic lights. Oh, and I also see a dinosaur in the center of the picture.


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