Cloud Results

Hey guys! Thanks so much for sending in comments on the clouds post. Now I have a few announcements to make but I will start off with the clouds.

So I got a comment that said this, “In picture 2 there seems to be a doggie streaking across the sky. He’s going so fast that he’s just a blur and he seems to be wearing goggles.
In picture 3 I see some traffic lights. Oh, and I also see a dinosaur in the center of the picture.” ~Anonymous

This person is absolutely right. The 1st picture is just of the sun coming out of the clouds which we thought was gorgeous. (By the way, if you haven’t seen the cloud pictures, they are in the post below this one.) The 2nd picture is off a “dog cloud”. That’s what we call it although anonymous said that the doggie was wearing goggles which I hadn’t noticed before. The 3rd picture was of an alligator thing. Thanks guys for looking and sending in comments.


My next announcement is that I got a male Betta fish! I am really exited and have not named him yet. I was wondering if you could give me suggestions in the comments. He is a blueish purple. I couldn’t get any good pictures but will soon. If you don’t know what Betta fish look like, you can look it up on the internet. This would be so helpful because I couldn’t deiced on a name.

My final announcement is that it is my Grandma’s 77th Birthday today! Hooray!

Thanks guys and have a great Saturday!



2 thoughts on “Cloud Results

  1. Hi Maris,

    Thanks for the nice post this morning. I was sitting at my computer waiting for it!

    Were the cloud pictures a contest? Did I win?

    Also, I goofed. Grandma is actually 78 today.

    Have a great day.

    Love, Pa


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