Hair Haul

Hi guys! I have deiced to do something I am calling a hair haul because I love doing hair. It’s my hobby. 🙂 I will post these on Saturdays that I don’t have anything else to post. At least once every month. I will post pictures of  hairstyles that I have done on either my doll or my sis and on some of them, I will put instructions if it is possible. (Some of the hairstyles I made up or are to complex to write down.) I love doing hair and I hope you like the pictures.

This first hairstyle is called a lace braid. It is a half of a french braid taking from only the bottom instead of both sides. This hairstyle is done on my sister. This one is actually a easier style and I don’t remember were I learned it.

DSCN9328 (Lace braid)

Hope you guys liked this. Remeber to keep watching for other hair styles. Sometime I will post a poll about all the hair styles and see which one you like the best. Thanks!





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