Request and Input

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Today I am going to ask you to fill out a poll. It is about my blog. How is it? Do you like it, do you think it is boring? I really, really would like your honest input. I am also asking that if you fill out the poll, that you also make a anonymous comment telling my why you chose your answer. Like for the “I love it” place, you could comment on why you love it. Or for “Boring”, you can tell me what you want me to post. Please, please, please do this. I am really looking for what you guys, my readers, want me to post. Thanks so much! (Also, in this poll, I am making it so that you can only pick one but for the next poll I do, I will put it on multiple choses for picking the poll answers.)

Please just take 5 minutes to do this and thanks so much if you did. I really need and love your honest input.

~Maris  🙂


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