Space Emoticon

Hello everyone! Have you heard of the smiley face in space? Here is a picture of it. Doesn’t it look cool?        Space Emoticon

I love space pictures! They are so pretty. Here is another one.

Space Galaxy

Hope you guys have a great Thursday! (The skiing pictures will be coming tomorrow.)  🙂



2 thoughts on “Space Emoticon

  1. Nice pictures Maris. And you surprised me with a new word that I had to look up and hear the pronunciation of the it: “EMOTICON”. Where did you get the pictures and the word?
    Have a great day.


    • Well Mr. Man, all the hip and in people know that an Emoticon is a text word that means like a little smiley face or something like that. 🙂
      The picture I got off of the internet. It was a news thing that is new from just yesterday.



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