Feb. 14th~Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! Is your hand sore from writing all those valentine’s day cards yet?

DSCN0408    Flower Hearts

The history behind this, sometimes annoying holiday, is about a man named, what else, St. Valentine. He was a marriage man. The roman governor banned marriage because he thought that would make a stronger army because he thought the men were weaker when they thought of their families. Even though marries were banned, St. Valentine kept preforming them because he thought it was God’s will and design to have families. Eventually, St. Valentine was captured and told that if he denounced his faith and said that he would stop preforming marriage ceremonies, they would free him. The loyal saint refused and it cost him his life. He was executed on February 14 and ever since than, we celebrate this brave saint whom many of us have forgotten. (After the evil emperor died, marriages were restored to the land.)  So this valentine’s day, take time to say “I love you” to your mom, dad, sister, brother or anyone. Another really good way to show love is to do a kind act of love toward another person in doing there job or even just writing a card to show how much you appreciate them and who knows, you might make someone’s day. ~Maris

How did you like that story? (I didn’t make it up.)  🙂 Have you heard it before? Write a comment telling me what you like to do for Valentine’s Day or any other interesting facts you know about it. Have a great Valentine’s Day!



1. Sealed With A Kiss

2. Hugs and Kisses

3. I Love You

4. Heart

5. Love You For Ever


2 thoughts on “Feb. 14th~Valentine’s Day

  1. I love you Maris!
    I liked your story of the “sometimes annoying holiday”.
    I also knew all of your Valentines challenge, except the first one.
    Have a great Valentine’s Day.


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