Piano Guys

Hey guys. How are you? Today I would like to tell you about some really, really, really good musician group called the piano guys. Here is there bio. (I didn’t write this. The URL is following if you want to read more.)

DSCN0324            DSCN0326

“Paul Anderson has a piano shop in St. George, Utah. He met musician Jon Schmidt as the latter walked in to ask if he could practice there for an upcoming concert. They started making audio recordings and videos together. After Steven Sharp Nelson joined, the group took off, producing a music video each week and posting it to YouTube. Several videos have over a million views.

The team also includes Tel Stewart and Al Van Der Beek, who work behind the scenes in music and video production.


Several videos have over 5 million views.

As of March 18, 2012, The Piano Guys are in the top 300 world-wide YouTube channels.


Jon plays piano, Steven plays cello – both the classical and the electrical kind.

In most songs, they record several audio tracks that are mixed together. Occasionally, they superimpose the videos of the previous audio tracks to give the impression that many identical instrumentalists are all playing at once.”

Biography from Wikipedia (All this is from http://www.jango.com/music/The+Piano+Guys/_full_bio?l=0 if you want to continue reading.)

Please check out there website. It is amazing! https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePianoGuys

Have a great Monday!



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