Fishy Pictures

Hello everyone! I have my “fishy pictures”. Remember little lonely Edward, sitting in his jar so nice?


Now, he is the fierce one who, when he sees my other fish, flares his fins. It’s actually kind of scary. I have pictures of them both in there fish “aquarium”. I got Edward a fish bowl, but I accidentally dropped it and so had to get him a new one. While he was back in his jar, he was so quiet, wouldn’t eat, and just stayed at the bottom of his jar. He was sick and so I deiced to get him a friend Betta. If you know anything about Betta fish, they can’t be together with out a serious fight so you need to get them a divider if you want them in the same cage thing. That is what I did. I actually love this “aquarium” because it is so big (2.5 gal), it has a filter, it has LED lights so that you can see the fish better (I love this feature because without it, you couldn’t see the fish), and it also has a grid in the middle of the fish so that they can see each other, but can’t get each other. Here are the pictures. (Sorry about the first shaky one)

DSCN0487 This is there “aquarium”. You can see the divider.

DSCN0496 This is the unnamed fish’s side. You can see him at the top.

DSCN0499 This is Edward’s side. You can also see him at the top.

DSCN0501 This is both of the fish at the top.

Isn’t unnamed one cute! He was brown when I bought him but know he is red. It really surprised me when I came upstairs, expecting to see my little brown one, and he was almost completely red.

What name do you think he should get? Please comment. I have no idea! Thanks and have a great Friday!

~Maris  🙂


2 thoughts on “Fishy Pictures

  1. Maris, Nice pictures of your new tank and decorations for your 2 fishes.
    My vote is to name him “SPUNKY” OR “SPUNKIE”

    Hi from Alberta Canada. Love, Pa


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