Crafty Craze

The crafty craze, is what I am going to do, once every week. This is were I am going to give you a craft to do (and hopefully, I will do it to)! This is going to be really fun! If I get a chance to do it, I will post a picture of what I have completed. Hope you have fun!


You Will Need
◦Toilet Paper Rolls
◦Spray Paint
◦Bobby Pin(s)

Pic 11 Gather your supplies. For this project, I used plain old toilet paper roles, (the number you need depends on what design you decide on for your project, mine used around 13 I think…) glue, and a bushed metal appearance spray paint.
Pic 22 Crush your toilet paper roll in half, and cut it crossways. You could measure if you like, but I just guess-timated based on the look I was going for. For my project, each toilet paper role yielded 6 “petals”.
Pic 33 Keep cutting until you’ve got tons of these, the basic unit for your piece.
Pic 44 Begin glueing the “petals” together. How you do that depends on what kind of pattern you’re going for.
Pic 55 I found that using bobby pins (any type of clip would work too) to hold my pieces together was helpful. It gave the glue between each segment a chance to dry while I continued glueing…
Pic 66 Since a 5 petal flower shape was the basis for my piece, this is what most of my base units ended up looking like. After I made a bunch, I glued them all together in a pattern I liked, and also added a few other viney/leafy looking segments here and there.
Pic 77 Once you’re happy with how your piece looks, time for spray paint! (I used a metal finish paint, but any color will do!)
Pic 8 8 Wait until it dries, and you’ll have something like this! (Please note I didn’t spray paint every piece individually, this is just an example I did for the tutorial. When I actually made my wall art, I glued the entire thing together first, then painted it as a whole.)
Pic 99 You’re done! Now hang your new wall art wherever your little heart pleases, stand back, and admire 🙂
Have you made this project?
Add your version And you’re done!

I got this off of a website. Hope you have fun! Comment on if you tried it and how easy you think it was.


Remember to do the poll! I will do the research on the #1 top picked sea animal tomorrow. The link is right here.

Have a great day!


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