Crafty Craze

Hello everyone! Today is another crafty craze. I saw this idea on a website so I made up my own steps. This is such an easy thing that is a hair accessory. (As you know, I love doing hair!) I am calling this DIY

Chain Headband


Chain, Hair Binder/Scrunchie, Beading Tools

DSCN0530           DSCN0534 I don’t know if you can see these pictures ok but I took a close up of the chain names so you can see what they are.

Step 1:

What you want to do first is to open your chain and measure it to however big your head is, leaving a little streach room for the hair binder at the base of you neck.

Step 2:

After you find the right length for the chain, use your beading tools to open the chain link and undo it from the rest of the chain. (I hope that that makes sense to everyone.)

DSCN0535 (Step 2/3)

Step 3:

Open the last link on each side of your chain and add the hair binder. After that, close each link around the hair binder.

Step 4:

Wear your new hair accsesory!

DSCN0537 (Here are 2 completed chain headbands. Gold and silver)

I hope you love this easy DIY. Have a great Thursday!



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