Snow….OH NO!

Yes my fellow people. It has happened. It snowed again! I bet you went to bed, (this is exactly what I thought) thinking that, ‘oh, it’s just going to be a little snowfall. Nuh uh! It was very huge. OK, our temperatures went from the high 60s F.  last week to plummeting below freezing! Oh, well. Time to get back out your snow-pants and gloves for a couple more weeks. Have a great Monday!  🙂



One thought on “Snow….OH NO!

  1. OH NO is right! I had just gotten out of my, ‘I want snow’ mode. Now I don’t want it anymore. And I hear it might snow again tonight! Why didn’t this snow come when we needed it? Like on Christmas Eve! Oh well. We know it will go away soon. Signed, Ladybug


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