Hair Haul May 2

Hello everyone! Today I am doing another hair haul. Today the hairstyle is called the “Box Fishtail”.


For all of you who know how to do hair, this is just a fishtail braid but a little more complex. How I started this hairstyle was a made a little accent braid and than put it into a pony-tail, leaving out the little braid. (I wrapped it around the pony-tail at the end of the hairstyle.) Than I started a normal fishtail braid putting two strands on each side in the front of the braid. After that, I did that same step, putting two on each side over, but I did it in the back. Than, I switched and did it in the front two times. Back, front, back, front all the way down the hair. I tied it off and put a bow on it.

Hope that makes scene to ya’ll. Have a wonderful weekend.



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