Father’s Day!

Hello everyone! How many of you had a wonderful Father’s Day? Here the weather was perfect. It was 86 degrees. (Yesterday was also the first day of summer!)

On Father’s Day, the main goal is spending time with your dad, doing things for him, ect. I thought it would be fun though, if I asked you guys questions about your dads and you give me as many answers as you can without asking your dads. Are you ready?

1. When is your dad’s birthday?
2. What is your dad’s favorite color?
3. What is your dad’s favorite food?
4. Which would your dad prefer to do? a) Yardwork b) Laundry c) Car Maintenance
5. Where did your parents meet, and how?
6. Which of these does your dad prefer to watch? a) Basketball b) Football c) Soccer d) Golf e) Baseball
7. What was your dad’s first job?
8. What is your dad’s favorite holiday?
9. How are you like your dad?
10. Is your dad a morning or a night person?
Extra Question!
11. What is your dad good at?

Just put the # of the question you are answering and than answer it! I would love to see your guy’s answers. Thanks and have a great 2nd day of summer.  🙂




2 thoughts on “Father’s Day!

  1. Hi everyone, I thought it would be fun for y’all if I answered some of the questions that I put for you to answer about your dads. I love mine and would like to tell you about him.
    1. My dad’s birthday is June 8, 1960 something.
    2. My dad’s favorite color I think he told me was blue.
    3. I think my dad’s favorite food is Steak and Potatoes.
    4. My dad would defiantly prefer to do yardwork.
    5. My parents met in Bible collage in choir.
    6. My dad would like to watch football.
    7. My dad’s first job…..tough one. I really don’t know.
    8. My dad’s favorite holiday would most likely be Forth of July, but I don’t know for sure.
    9. I am like my dad in that I like to sing and play my violin with his guitar, we would also rather be outside mowing than organizing the house.
    10. My dad is defiantly a morning person. That is another thing we have in common.
    11. My dad is really good at the guitar, singing, talking to people, but what he is really good at is just being there for me and our family when we need him. I love you daddy!


  2. 1. My dad’s birthday is on June 8th,1960. 4. I think my dad would rather do yard work or car work. I’m not quite sure. 6. I know he just LOVES watching football with my mom on Sundays. 7. I think once my dad told me that his first job was at a little corner store. I think he was the person who would offer to help someone pump their gas for them or something. I’m not quite sure. 10. I know my dad is a morning person for sure. 11. My dad is really good at playing guitar. And just being the perfect dad for me! I have some guesses on the other ones. But i’m not quite sure about them. So I won’t post them. Happy Father’s Day!


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