4th of July~ Hair Haul

Hi guys! 4th of July is right around the corner (actually tomorrow) and I have the most fun/cool hairstyle for you. I am calling it the

Fireworks Braid


Isn’t it awesome? It is done on my amazing model, Lu. First I started out with taking a smaller section on the side of her head that has the least amounts of hair when you make the part. I created 5 rope braids and hair chalked them. Ok, just saying that that hair chalk is fussy. It took a long time for it to get this blue guys. After I did that, I started french braiding. When I got around so that the first rope braid could reach, I did one more stitch and than added the braids in the next 5 stitches so the come across like in the picture. I finished the braid and than pony tailed it off and, I put this adorable 4th of July ponytail holder over it. I love, love, love this hairstyle partly because it is a 4th of July one and partly becuase, it has hair chalk guys!

Can you tell how I named it? The little blue braids are the fireworks! I love it. Thanks so much for reading this. Have a great rest of you day and week.



2 thoughts on “4th of July~ Hair Haul

  1. Maris. You are amazing in designing your new hair styles. You must have stayed up late dreaming this new hair haul.
    HAPPY 4th of JULY!
    Love, Pa


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