How does your garden grow?

Hello everyone! Our family does a garden every year and this year, I have planted my own beets, carrots and lettuce just from seeds! I am really exited to share with you pictures of the little shoots that have just come up. Here they are and enjoy!




First up is my beets. I planted two rows of these. You can see the second row off to the right there. I really love beets. We planted them last year and they were amazing. They remined me of carrots just sweeter and more


Second is my mesclun lettuce. It was the first thing to come up and it is really big now. Just a fun fact, I don’t know if you can see it up down the row to the right, there is a thing laying on the ground. That is jean soaked in vinegar to keep the rabbits and deer away from eating the lettuce. They did it last year and it was so sad. We got no lettuce. It has worked so far so yea! You can also see my brother JE in the background. He is our garden person.


Third are my carrots. I don’t know if you can see them. The are very small and so cute. I am most exited about these because I have been wanting to plant carrots for ever! I’m really exited to eat them.


Fourth are my Bleeding Hearts. They aren’t in the garden but they are my flowers that I planted up by the house. I have always loved how they looked when ever we have been in the green house.


How do you like all my plants? Tell me which one was your favorite and if you have a garden, what you have in it. Have a wonderful Thursday!



2 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. You have done a wonderful job with all your plants in the garden as well as your many flowers, that all look so beautiful! Great job!
    Love, Pa


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