Crafty Craze

Hello everyone! I haven’t done a crafty craze in  a long time and so I thought I would do one again. This is called Pansie Project. (I am just going to put this out there that I made this one up myself.)  🙂

The supplies you are going to need are:

~ Pansies

~Big books (Dictionaries, phone books, ect.)

~ Packing tape (or other clear tape would probably work)


~Glue (Hot glue or just normal)


To start this project, you will need to grow pansies or get some that have been grown. After you get them, you will want to press them in you big book. I am pretty sure I used a dictionary. You will need to leave them pressing in the dictionary for about a week or until they are pretty dry. When they are done, you will want to carefully break off the stem and then, very carefully, laminate them with you packing tape. After you are all done that, cut off the remaining tape around the flower. Now you have pansies that will last for a while. If you want to make them into hair clips like I did, you will need to get some hair clips and hot glue you pansies onto them. And you are done!


I hope you like this crafty craze!



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