Toy Story Characters

Hello everyone. I haven’t done a poll for a while so I decided to do one. This is one about your favorite toy story characters. I really like all 3 of those movies but I think my favorite was the 1st one. Here are most of the characters but if there is one you didn’t see that you really like, you can pick the last option and put it in the comments. On Friday, I will pick the winning character.

Have a great day y’all!


P.S.  I am doing a VBS this week with my church and I am really excited to see how this week works out. Thanks guys!

P.P.S  What does P.S. stand for?


5 thoughts on “Toy Story Characters

  1. Have a good week at VBS.
    P.S. stands for “postscript” – an afterthought, occurring after the letter has been written and signed.


  2. Hi guys. I just took the poll and I checked the other box and so here is on of my favorite characters from toy story 3 I think it is. The orphans. They are adorable. I also like Andy and Barbie from toy story 3.


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