BTS-Crafty Craze

Hello! Today is a BTS (Back To School) crafty craze! There are probably some of you saying, I’m not going back to school. Well, this crafty craze can be for anyone who wants to add some fun to their work items or anything! This crafty craze is called

DIY Notebooks

These notebooks are really simple, inexpensive (using mostly things already around your house), and easy.

The supplies that you need are:


Notebooks, patterns of your choice (print off from the internet), ruler, scissors, glue, tape, and pen. (Last two not shown.)

Step 1: Look up patterns of your choice on the internet and print them off.


Step 2: Take your pattern and trace it around your note book. I have opened my note book so that I am tracing only the front.


Step 3: Cut out your pattern. Make sure it fits your notebook cover before step 4.


Step 4: Put glue all over your cover and then carefully place your pattern on top of it.


Step 5: Flatten out any bubbles with a ruler and let dry for about an hour, depending on how much glue you put on it.


Step 6: Enjoy your notebooks. Here are a couple more I did. You can see how on the last notebook I put a label on it. You can do it either way, it’s really up to you.

That’s all folks! Hope you like this DIY as much as I did. Thanks for reading!



One thought on “BTS-Crafty Craze

  1. Just a note for ya’ll, put a pice of cardboard in between your cover and the rest of the pages. This really helps you guys so that the pages don’t stick together afterwards. Trust me, I know from experience. 🙂


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