It was a peaceful Tuesday morning, everything was normal. You are sitting down at your desk for another day’s long work and then BAM!

This was the first big terrorist attack on the USA called 9/11. I will tell you a little of the story of 9/11.

Al-qaida was the organization in charge of this terrorist attack. They are a Muslim clan that is determined to get rid of American because we stand for freedom and liberty.

There were 20 terrorists in charge of this attack but one was arrested. He was taking flight lessons but wasn’t interested in landing the plane, only how to take off and fly.

There were four planes in the attack. The first two were on a mission, headed for the twin towers. Their mission was a success.

9 11

Another plane was headed for the pentagon and hit.

Pentegon Attack

The fourth plane might have been headed for the white house or federal capital but we will never know. The flight wasn’t able to reach it’s destination because of the brave Americans on the plane. They had heard about the other three attacks and figured out that their plane was headed for a fourth one. The people took over the plane and crashed it into a field.

Pennsylvania Plane Crash

So on this day, we remember the horrible terrorism, but also the brave American spirit in all the workers who helped rebuild, the brave firefighters, the gracious hospital nurses, and the courageous people on the fourth plane. We also remember all the people who lost their lives and their families that are still suffering today.

Flag with White House

I am still glad to be living in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave!



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