Got the Goods on Bing

Ok, I really don’t know what my title is about but today I am going to show you some of the cool pictures that have been on the search engine I use called Bing. They take nature pictures from all over the world and use them for their different, daily pictures.

Bing 1

This is a Elephant Tree Trunk.  Guilin, China.

Bing 3

A red fox in the forest. Lidingo, Sweden.

bing pic 2

The Carina Nebula. Space.  🙂

Asome Picture!

Yosemite National Park. California. (I love the ombre on this one!)

Really hope you guys love these pictures as much as I did. Comment below on what your favorite out of these was. See ya!




3 thoughts on “Got the Goods on Bing

  1. I like the Elephant Tree Trunk, Guilin, China because I have actually been there. The rounded hills / mountains of Guilin are very spectacular.I have an oil painting done by an artist I met in Guilin.
    Love, Pa


  2. Normally you’d think I would like the Carina Nebula (because I’m kind of a space nut). However, in this line up, I’ll have to go with the Elephant Tree Trunk. I’d like to know if Pa has actually seen this natural phenomenon, or just been close to it. If he’s seen it, does he have his own photo of it?


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