Hey everyone! I thought that it would be a fun challenge for you guys if I gave you some riddles to solve. I figured them out so I know you can to! When you figure them out, comment on what you think your answers are. I won’t post your comments, so that no one can cheat, but I will propose a winner. Have fun!

1.Two fathers and two sons go out fishing. Each of them catches a fish. They caught 3 fish in all. How?

2.You fill up a bathtub with water and you have a teaspoon, tablespoon, and fourth cup. What is the fastest way to empty the bathtub?

3.If I have three oranges in front of me and I pick two up how many do I have?




4 thoughts on “Riddles

  1. My Answers:
    1. You have a Grandfather, a father, and the son/grandson. The father has a dual role as both a father and a son.
    2. Fastest way is to pull the plug at the bottom.
    3. You still have 3!
    (How’d I do???) LY DJC


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