Marco Comes Late

Hi guys! Today I have copied a poem for you to read. I hope you enjoy!

Marco Comes Late

“Young man!” said Miss Block, “It’s eleven o’clock! This school begins promptly at 8:45. Why, this is a terrible time to arrive! Why didn’t you come just as fast as you could? What IS you excuse? It had better be good!”

Marco looked at the clock. Then he looked at Miss Bock.

“Excuse?” Marco stuttered. “Er…well…well, you see, er…well, it’s like this…something happened to me.”

“This morning, Miss Block, when I left home for school, I hurried off early according to rule. I said when I started a quarter past eight, I must not, I will not, I shall not be late! I’ll be the first pupil to be in my seat. Then Bang! something happened on Mulberry Street!”

“I heard a strange ‘peep’ and I took a quick look. And you know what I was with the look that I took? A bird laid an egg on my ‘Rithmetic Book! I couldn’t believe it, Miss Bock, but it’s true! I stopped and I didn’t quite know what to do. I didn’t dare run and I didn’t dare walk. I didn’t dare yell and I didn’t dare talk. I didn’t dare sneeze and I didn’t dare cough. Because, if I did, I would knock the egg off. So I stood there stock-still and it worried me pink. Then my feet got quite tired and I sat down to think.”

“And while I was thinking down there on the ground, I saw something move and I heard a loud sound of a worm who was having a fight with his wife. The most terrible fight that I’ve heard in my life! The worm he was yelling, ‘That boy should not wait! He must not, he dare note, he shall not be late! That boy ought to smash that egg off his head.’ Then the wife of the worm shouted back-and she said, ‘To break that dear egg would be terribly cruel. An egg’s more important than going to school. That egg is that mother bird’s pride and her joy. If he smashes that egg, he’s the world’s meanest boy!’

“And while the worms argued ’bout what I should do A couple of cats started arguing, too! ‘You listen to me!’ I heard one of them say, ‘If this boy doesn’t go on to school right away Miss block will be frightfully, horribly mad. If the boy gets there late, she will punish the lad!’ Then the other cat snapped, ‘I don’t care if she does. This boy must not move!’ So I stayed where I was. With the egg on my head, and my heat full of fears and the shouting of cats and of worms in my ears.”

“Then, while I lay wondering when all this would stop, the egg on my book burst apart with a POP! And out of the pieces of red and white shell jumped a strange brand-new bird and he said with a yell, ‘I thank you, young fellow, you’ve been simply great. But, now that I’m hatched, you no longer need wait. I’m sorry, I kept you till ‘leven o’clock. It’s really my fault. You tell that to Miss Bock. I wish you good luck and I bid you good day.’ That’s what the bird said, then he fluttered away. And then I got here just as fast as I could and that’s my excuse and I think it’s quite good.”

Miss Block didn’t speak for a moment or two. Here eyes looked at Marco and looked him clean through. Then she smiled. “That’s a very good tale, if it’s true. Did all of those things really happen to you?” “Er…well,” answered Marco with sort of a squirm. “Not quite all, I guess. But I did see a worm.”

Hope you guys liked that longish poem from Dr. Seuss!



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