Thanksgiving…Are You Ready?

Thanksgiving Candles

Hello everyone! Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Are you ready? I don’t only mean, is your house clean, is all your food prepared, do you have all your coupons for black Friday? I mean, is your heart ready. If you think about the holiday’s name, thanksgiving, it is really giving thanks! ‘Giving thanks to whom?’ you might be asking. Good question.

Do you know were the holiday actually came from? (Here it is in a nutshell) The pilgrims came over to America and their first winter was horrible. Almost half of their people died from starvation and sickness. That next spring and summer, the Native Americans came to help them by showing them how to hunt , plant corn, and the best fishing. The pilgrims had so much food that fall, they decided to celebrate by throwing a feast to thank God for His help by giving them all the food.

My guess is that you don’t have to worry about food to much and that, you are like, ‘yea. I like the food but that is kind of a given. I have never almost starved to death’. But we have so much to be thankful for. Even just that is enough! We have food and comfort. How about family, houses, jobs, friends, cars, even pencils, and the greatest gift of all, Jesus giving salvation!

I love Thanksgiving for being able to be with family and eating all the food, but also, we need to take time to remember why we have a holiday called ‘Thanksgiving’. We need to take time to actually give thanks to God for His indescribable gift and for all the gifts He gives to us.

Hope that all made sense guys! Comment and tell me what your favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving. I love the green bean casserole and the cranberry salad. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. I forgot to explain the picture. It is just a serene picture that I think describes how I feel when I think of thanks giving. Candles, pumpkins, and berries. I love it!


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