Hey guys hi! Do you know about snowflakes? You say, ‘Of course I do!’ Do you also know that everyone of them different and unique? You might say ‘Sure, I know that’. Do you want to see some of these unique snowflakes?

These amazing pictures were taken by someone’s point and shoot camera that they put an expensive camera lens on.


Look at this beautiful snowflake! I looks like a stereo type snowflake, does it not? (But isn’t it beautiful?) Do you see the mini snowflake in the middle of it?


Look at this hexagon snowflake with the star in the middle! I love this one!


Isn’t this gorgeous? You can see the reflectionish things in the middle. They kind of look like Christmas trees to me.


Look at this cool snowflake. I love this one because it shows how not all snowflakes are similar in shape. This one is so different and cool!


This is the last snowflake and the most intricate of the 5. All I can say is wow!

Doesn’t all that design and care into each one of these snowflakes show the creator’s, first of all creativity and secondly show His love for us? I am in awe when I look at these pictures. Comment and tell me which snowflakes was your favorite.




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