Hang Nails~Annoying Things

Hello everyone! Now, as you look at my title, how many of you go ugggg!? I know I do. This is a post that is about things that are really annoying. (I am going to have another one very soon so be watching for it) I really, really don’t like hang nails. They are a pain to get off of your finger without a finger nail clippers by, but if you don’t use one and just rip it off, it hurts like the dickens! I have searched this up and I have a way  that you can prevent hang nails.

Hang nails are caused from dry skin so, simply, if you just keep the area around you finger nail lotionized (is that a word?), and then you will be free of hang nails!

What do you think? Comment below on if you think this ‘treatment’ will work and have a wonderful Friday!


Special Announcement! It is my sister Lu’s birthday today! Love you Lu!

Happy Birthday Sister


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