Plate Tectonics

Hello guys! Today I’m going to give you an educational post about plate tectonics.

Plate tectonics are basically the theory that the earth’s lithosphere is cracked and broken in some parts. These parts basically ‘float’ on top of the earth’s asthenosphere or mantle. Sometimes the plates move around and create different effects on the earth such as earthquakes or volcanoes.

A theory called Pangaea involves plate tectonics. This theory says that all the continents could have existed as one supercontinent known as Pangaea. When the great flood of the Bible, also called Noah’s flood, happened, there was a huge upheaval of the earth and the continents, on their tectonic plates, moved away from each other. Now, we can not prove this theory fully but there is evidence to support it. For example, at the cost of Africa and the coast of South America were, if Pangaea were true, they would have been connected, there exists the exact same type of rock in both places.

Isn’t that cool?! I thought so as I was studying this. Hope you learned somthing. Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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