Christmas DIY

Hey guys, Hi! Today, I am giving a Christmas DIY to all of you who are still without Christmas presents for people. Here is a real simple but thoughtful gift you can give to someone that is so easy to do because I am sure you have all these things around your house.

Hot Chocolate Present

Do you see the cuteness! This is a hot chocolate package in a mason jar. All you need to do is find a mason jar and than put some hot chocolate mix in (you could also just put the packets in if you prefer). Then on the top are marshmallows and in some of them also chocolate chips. On the side we just put on candy canes. That is all. You can add a tag that says ‘Hot Chocolate’ or a cute saying like ‘Hope you stay cozy this Christmas!’ If you wanted to make this gift a little more special, you could go out and buy a cute coffee mug and then give it with the gift. All this is up to you!

Hope this DIY helps and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!



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