Optical Illusions

Hello guys! How many of you love optical illusions like me???!!! They are awesome and amazing and I don’t get them but I thought I would share three with you. I will put the optical illusion on and then explain what to do underneath it unless it states itself what to do.

illusion gray



Stare at the 4 dots in the center for 30 seconds. Then, blink really fast at a wall. What do you see?

Guys, those are awesome!!!! What was your favorite? The top one was like, what because when I took my finger away, the bottom one again looked lighter.  Could you read the middle one? The last one was so cool! Hopefully you loved these as much as I did. Comment below and tell me which on was your favorite.  🙂


P.S. Have you guys seen the dress that looks black and blue to some people and then white and gold to others? Which one did it look like to you?


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