Hiccups!~Annoying Things

Hey ya’ll! Before we get started I wanted to tell you that the sunrise this morning was awesome! I loved it so much. Anyway, as you can see from my title, I am going to be talking about hiccups!

Aren’t they just annoying guys!? I mean, lets be honest, there are just those things that are so annoying and hiccups are one of those things! You eat those certain foods and then they just get set off, and sometimes they hurt really bad. You know what I mean right? Hiccups are just plain annoying.

Hiccups are a contraction of the diaphragm usually caused by eating to fast or by certain medications. (I also think that there are just those certain foods that we eat sometimes that just do it for us. For me they are hamburgers, fish with rice, and sometimes white bread.)

What do you guys think about hiccups? Tell me in the comments and have a great day!

~Maris  🙂



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