President’s Day

Hello all! How many of you get school/work off today? (I sadly don’t but whatever!) Today is a day called President’s Day were we celebrate, the presidents. (Big surprise there right?!)

President's Day

Here is a great story to illustrate the greatness and humility of some of our greatest presidents.

A group of men were trying to move a big timber into place and their commander was shouting, “Heave, hoe!” but the timber just wouldn’t budge. A rider on horse back came along, watched them and then asked the commander, “Why don’t you help them?” The commander said, “Well because I’m the commander of course.” The horse man dismounted from his horse and walked over to the men. “Here men,” he said. “Ready, heave hoe!” They finally moved the big timber in place. With that, the horseman got back on his horse and said, “Just remember, whenever you need help, just call on George Washington!”

George Washington was one of our most humble presidents, as illustrated in the story. I hope that today, you take time to remember our great presidents, and pray for the president who is in power toady.  🙂



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