Sunny Winter Days!!!

Hello everyone! Have you ever noticed that winter days usually have a grey/white sky the whole time its winter? When I saw this is was like, “Come on! We need some sun here or at least a texturized sky!” but no, its just plain grey/white. But…..


On those beautiful, rare, amazing winter days, there is actually sun! I just go crazy! Ok, of course not actually crazy but I get soooo happy! In the summer, we take sunny days for granted because, well, literally everyday is sunny in the summer.

Of course, whenever its sunny outside, it usually means that we are in the one digit temps to negative ones. But that’s ok, I am willing to give that up for the sun. I love sunny, winter days!

What do you guys think about sunny, winter days? (It actually is one right now!)Comment below and tell me!


P.S. How many of you are just crazy about when it snowfalls! I love snowfalls!


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