Black and White

Hello ya’ll! Today I’m going to share with you some funny/interesting old black and white photos because they are always just awesome! (All of these come from Double Mesh and

Black and White Skater

This first one is cute. Its taken during the 1930s of a small boy going ice skating with a pillow for a cushion, in case he falls. Isn’t that cute!?

Black and White Train

This next picture is of a train coming down the railroad tracks with a horse and buggy far back in the picture, beside it. This pic was taken in 1901.

Black and White Phonebooth

This next picture was taken in the 1930s again and is of a women calling someone on a public telephone. All of you Doctor Who fans see what’s written at the top? This was probably one of the first telephone boxes to come out and so it was a pretty big deal. You can see the police man standing behind the women.

Black and White Photo

Here is a couple getting their picture taken. I really have now idea why she is riding a donkey and why he is in a cart pulled by a goat but hey, whatever floats your boat man. (This picture was taken in 1905 and trust me, they keep getting weirder.)

Black and White Driving

Look at this! What are they thinking?! This is they way that they used to cross rivers apparently. Look at the people swimming below. People in the old days were just plain dangerous. (Again taken in the 1930s.)

Black and White Modles

This one is just plain crazy! Those two were the models that they used for that picture. Taken again in the 1930s.

Which one was your favorite? Comment below and tell me. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite but I would probably have to say the crossing river one. I mean, come on guys! Thanks for reading and have a great day ya’ll!




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