Elsa Lets It Go

We probably all know the song,’Let it go’, or at least know that it correlates to the movie Frozen. Everyone used to sing it but we’re all pretty tired of it by now. I just recently listened to it again and the meaning of what Elsa is saying really sunk into me. I will go through the movie Frozen in a “3 episode edition” that I’m going to be calling ‘Elsa lets it go’, hence my title, coming out for the next 3 Fridays. (In this “series” there will be movie spoilers so for all of you who haven’t seen the movie, stop reading now.)

The beginning of the movie starts out with Anna and Elsa and little girls. Elsa knows of her snow powers and the two girls like to play with them. Elsa makes snow, they build snowmen, and they bond as sisters together. One night, Elsa and Anna are playing with in the snow that Elsa made, but it gets out of hand and for the first time, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna with her powers. For the first time, she realizes the power she has, and the danger that it can cause for those she loves. The place where Elsa struck Anna was on her head and that piece of hair turns white.


As you all know, the King and Queen take Anna to the trolls. The trolls predict to them that Elsa’s powers will grow. She can use them to create beauty, but there is danger; fear is her worst enemy, but Elsa is already afraid.


Elsa and Anna grow up in ‘Do you want to build a snowman’. Elsa’s parents keep her hidden away in her room so that she can’t hurt anyone else, really creating more fear in her. Anna doesn’t understand why Elsa is kept away because, as we know, the trolls erased any memory of Elsa’s powers from her mind. Elsa’s dad taught her a saying, “Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know.” This is supposed to help and protect her but it really doesn’t as we see later. Elsa also won’t let anyone touch her for fear of accidently hurting them with her powers that are growing stronger as she gets older. The king and queen die at the end of the song.

DSCN9587 DSCN9594

In the next song, ‘For the first time in forever’ Elsa has come of age and its her coronation. Anna is very exited because she finally gets to meet people and open up the gates. Elsa on the other hand, is scared to death. Nobody alive knows of her powers so she is alone with this fear. She wears her gloves so that she doesn’t accidentally do anything to hurt any one. She tries to conceal and not to feel, but trying just makes her more afraid.

At the coronation, Anna meets a man who she thinks she loves and asks Elsa for a blessing on their marriage, which Elsa refuses. Anna, being angry grabs Elsa’s gloved hand, taking it off the glove. Elsa is now upset and turns away. Anna starts probing her with questions, asking her why she shuts out the world, what is she afraid of. Elsa, being afraid and stressed, swings around and, accidently, makes an ice shield around herself. One important thing to note is that Elsa’s powers reflect her emotions. Because she is scared, her ice shield shows jagged points, protecting her, shielding her in.

Elsa, being afraid because now everyone has seen her powers they never knew she had, runs away. Now she is so full of fear, her powers are running through her body. When she steps on the lake, it turns to ice and she runs off on top of it, but unknowingly started a winter storm in the middle of summer, icing over the fjord and causing it to start snowing.

Anna tries to follow her on horseback, meeting up the Christoph and Sven and she gets them to take her up the mountain.

I’m exited to keep explaining the story to ya’ll! I really like the story of Frozen, even though the songs are a little bit over used.  🙂







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