Leap Years~Annoying Things

Hello Ya’ll. Do you guys know that today is a leap year! It February the 29th which only comes around every 4 years! Awesome right!?

Now, you might be looking at my title going ‘What! Leap years aren’t really annoying Maris!’ Yea I know, but this scenario is for all the people you have this situation. (I thankfully, do not.)

What if you were born on the 29 of February, like all the people born today! You would only be able to celebrate your birthday every four years on your exact day! That is kind of sad isn’t it.

What do you guys think about this? What would you do if you or one of your children was born on February the 29th? Comment below and tell me, because seriously, I really don’t know what I would do!  🙂



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