Things Only Homeschoolers Could Say

Hey ya’ll! I don’t know it you guys know this, but I’m homeschooled. These are funny things I have heard my homeschooled friends say. Enjoy!

~”We’re done! Yea but aww.”

~”I liked reading the Odyssey.”

~”Guys, I’m surrounded by beautiful people!”

~”You’re sitting up too straight.”

-“Thank you Shakespeare.”

-“The index card flew off it like a boss!”

-“Big binder of awesomeness.”

-Student “So stalkers…”                                                                                                                                                  Other Student “They were in!”

Hope you liked these quotes. I’m telling you, I have heard each and every one of these from my friends. (You now have to wonder, what was the context for all of these.) Which one was you favorite? Comment below and tell me, and as always, thanks for reading guys!



2 thoughts on “Things Only Homeschoolers Could Say

  1. I’m impressed that you read “The Odyssey”, so I’m wondering if that quote is from you?
    I’m looking forwarding to hearing about the context of all your quotes.
    Love, Pa


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