Elsa Lets It Go

Hello everyone! Happy April 1st + April fools day!!! I am so happy that I made it through the week and now its Friday because, really guys, I’m so tired!

Today is another Elsa lets it go! Hope you enjoy! (If you want to know, what the world is going on, you can read my two previous posts or just skim through them if you would like:  https://marielle01blog.wordpress.com/2016/02/26/elsa-lets-it-go/ ; https://marielle01blog.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/elsa-lets-it-go-2/  )

Frozen Olaf

By now, we are back to Anna. She is joined by Olaf, a snowman created by Elsa (in Let it Go). Olaf takes Anna, Christoff, and Sven to Elsa’s ice castle and the two sisters reunite.

DSCN9430 DSCN9442

Anna tries to convince Elsa to come back with her to Arendell, and almost does, but Elsa remembers hurting Anna with her powers and doesn’t want that to happen again. She retreats back into her castle and Anna follows her. In the next song, The First Time in Forever (Reprise), Anna tells Elsa that she understands and wants to help Elsa. Elsa then tells her that she can’t go back, but she wants Anna to so that Anna would be safe. Anna then revels to Elsa that Elsa set off an eternal winter. Elsa then becomes afraid when Anna tells her that she can unfreeze it, but Elsa says that she doesn’t know how.

DSCN9465 DSCN9478

It starts snowing right in the ice castle, because, again, Elsa’s powers are controlled by her emotions. Elsa is very distraught because she can’t control her powers because of her fear, she has now set off and eternal winter than she can’t stop, and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone with her powers. She says in the song that she just wants to be let free of her powers. Free of the constant fear, free of the constant turmoil that happens inside of her. In all of this emotion, Elsa’s powers built up inside her and then all of a sudden come out in a jolting snowflake. The powers hit Anna and she falls down. She was this time struck in the heart. Elsa sees this and wants to help but she just doesn’t know how. Christoff then comes in and sees Anna on the ground. He helps Anna up and tries to get her to leave but she doesn’t want to leave without Elsa.

Frozen Marshmallow

Elsa, not being able to stand this any more, creates a giant snow monster, Marshmallow, and has him take Olaf, Christoff, and Anna out of the castle. Anna, being upset at this behavior, throws a snowball at Marshmallow and causes him to get angry and chase all three of them down the mountain. It is interesting to note that when Marshmallow gets angry, he gets more ice spikes on him. His emotions also come out in ice.

Frozan Anna Hair DSCN9488

At the bottom of the mountain, Chrstoff sees Anna’s hair get whiter and he concludes that it was because Elsa struck her. He takes a moment to think and I believe that he is putting the pieces together. He also concludes that something is very wrong . He knows that they need to get help for Anna and so he decides to take her to his “family”.

Meanwhile, in the castle, Elsa is trying to gain control back of her powers after this dramatic incident but can’t because she is surrounded and literally controlled  by her fear. (As was predicted by the trolls, “Fear will be your worst enemy”)

This is were we will stop for now. (I know I said this would be in 3 weeks but I need more space to write all that I want to for the grand finale of the story!) I hope you are enjoying this series. Comment below what your favorite part has been so far. Also comment on any Aprils fools jokes you plan on doing. Guys I really don’t have any ideas.  🙂



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