Music Man Opening Night!

Hello everyone! I know you are looking at my title and probably saying, ‘Why, this looks mighty familiar!’ Well yes. I did post a post last Friday about Music Man having an opening night but I didn’t tell you that that opening night was for the other cast. My brother is in both casts though so, it was a big deal anyway.

Now, is opening night for my cast! I am super, super exited! I wanted to share with you a couple of pics from dress rehearsal so you can see what a blast we have a theater!

Music Man

Here is our Marian and Amaryllis singing ‘Goodnight My Someone’.

Music Man Harold Hill

Here is our Harold Hill surrounded by the Pick-a-Little-Ladies.

Music Man Shooting

Here is Eulailie after she has been shot. She is surrounded by the Wa Tan Ye girls.

Music Man JE

Here is our Harold Hill with Winthrop.

Hope you enjoyed these picture! I am so exited to get on the stage.  🙂




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