Elsa Lets it Go

Hello everyone! Today is the last part of Elsa Lets it Go! Enjoy!

Frozen Trolls  DSCN9654

Kristoff takes Anna to his “family”, a bunch of trolls. There, the trolls try to get Anna and Kristoff married, which they both resent to, Kristoff saying that Anna already has a fiancé, and then, Anna collapses. Grandpabe troll tells Anna that her heart has been frozen by Elsa and can only an act of true love can unthaw it. They then conclude that a true loves kiss will do.

DSCN9495  DSCN9504

Meanwhile, Hans is still trying to find Anna and he comes to Elsa’s castle. Before they can enter, Marshmallow, the monster Elsa created, blocks the door way and starts to fight the men off. Somehow, two of the Duke’s  men get by Marshmallow and get inside the castle. The Duke for some reason wants Elsa killed and so they to in with that intent. Elsa doesn’t want them to hurt her of course but she doesn’t know what to do. One of the men shoot and arrow at her and she puts her hands up to protect herself and her powers lash out and stop the arrow. All of a sudden they start shooting at her and she just starts protecting herself with her powers. She has never used them like this before and then finds that they are powerful. At the end of this short ‘battle’, Elsa has both men trapped and she is about to basically kill them but then Hans comes up and yells to Elsa to stop, don’t be the monster that they think you are! Elsa then begins questioning her actions and while she is doing so, one of the men she has trapped raises his arrow to kill Elsa. Hans sees this and runs over to him, points his arrow upward and it goes off. It hits the giant chandelier and almost kills Elsa. She then becomes unconscious. It is a thing to wonder, since we know the ending of the story that Hans is going to kill Elsa, if he wasn’t trying to do so now but make it seem like and accident.

DSCN9660  DSCN9663

Hans takes Elsa back to the castle in chains. He then talks to her and asks her to unfreeze the winter, she then tells him that she can’t. As he leaves, the hand restraints he has on her start freezing up and another storm starts.

Frozen Kristoff DSCN9681

Meanwhile, Anna has become weaker and Kristoff quickly takes her back to the castle where she can get a true loves kiss from Hans. As Kristoff brings Anna to the gate, he relizes that he really doesn’t want to leave her their but he knows that he must so that she can get her kiss. In the castle, they find Hans and Anna begs him for a kiss. He almost does but then he tells her that she has been tricked. He really doesn’t love her and he only wants her throne. He then goes out, locks her door and leaves her to die. He then tells the people in the next room that she died from queen Elsa and Elsa must be sentenced to die. (It is interesting to note that we never actually find out if Hans really loved Anna and then wanted the throne or if he never did and the throne was in mind the whole time.) Then men then go in to kill Elsa but she has broken lose from her chains. The reason being is because everything has started to become frozen from her chains, the walls, the ground, and it is quickly spreading. A giant blizzard has also started. Remember, Elsa’s emotions are portrayed by her powers. In the castle, Olaf unlocks Anna’s door and starts a fire for her. The have a meaningful talk, see that Kristoff is coming back (because he saw the blizzard starting), but then they see that the walls of the castle  are starting to freeze. Olaf quickly helps Anna outside, as they almost get trapped in the castle.

DSCN9682  DSCN9685

Anna starts walking outside, trying to find Kristoff, because she realizes that he actually loves her because he came back for her. She then starts to see that her hands are starting to freeze. Meanwhile, Elsa is running away and runs into Hans. She tells him just to take care of Anna and he tells her that Anna frozen to death because Elsa froze her heart. Elsa is grief stricken, falls to the ground and the strom all of a sudden stops.

DSCN9512  DSCN9520

With the storm cleared up, Anna sees Kristoff running toward her but then all of a sudden, she hears a sword being drawn. He turns and sees Hans standing over Elsa, ready to kill her. With one more loving glance towards Kristoff, Anna runs toward Elsa and Hans, putting herself in between them and, with her last act of love done, freezes.

DSCN9527  DSCN9536

Elsa, slowly stands up and then relizing what has happened flings herself on Anna, hugging her and crying. This is the first time in about 10 years that Elsa has had touch with anyone for fear of hurting them. Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven all gather around in disbelief.

DSCN9689  DSCN9541

Then, Anna begins to unfreeze, first at the heart and then it spreads. Elsa realizes this and then the two hug. Elsa asks why Anna sacrificed herself for her. Anna replies, “Because I love you”. Olaf then realizes that, “An act of true love with thaw a frozen heart.” Elsa realizes that that is what she needed all along. Love.

DSCN9555  DSCN9563

She then begins to unfreeze everything. In the end of the story, Anna and Kristoff kiss of course, Olaf and Sven have fun, and Elsa begins to embrace her powers and use them for good and fun!

If you guys haven’t watched the movie, you really should!!!

I hoped you liked my 4 part serious of Elsa Lets It Go! Comment below if you liked this and if you want me to do this for another movie. I really enjoyed doing this. Thanks for sticking with me and thanks for reading!  🙂





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