Hello to all my readers! Today is a different sort of post than what I usually do. Usually, I share with you things that are happening in my life, or just whatever. But today, I would like you guys to share! I am doing a…..

Writing Contest

As you see, my title is just one word, Empty. I would like you guys to write about that word. What ever comes into your minds, whether it be a short story, a long story, a poem, a one liner; whatever it is. You can share what you write in the comments and I will be posting which one I like best (but who knows, I could just love them all and post them all!). I will give ya’ll a couple of weeks to write something and then I will be announcing a winner on the 22nd of July.

This contest is kind of to kick off a thing I would like to start. I am not sure of a good name for it but on the 1st Friday of the month, I am going to write a post on whatever word you guys want (which you can share with me in the comments). It can be any word that you guys want or even a phrase. So first of all, concentrate on what you guys want to write and then after you have written it, write in the comments on words you want me to write about and if you have a good name for this thing I will be trying out. Thanks guys!

~Maris  🙂


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