Fiddling Bluegrass Blast

Hello guys! We are back from our trip. It was so much fun! I will be giving an update and showing ya’ll some pictures. (I’m working on that right now.) But before that post comes, I wanted to share with you some thing that my sisters and I did right before leaving on our trip.

I don’t know how many of you know this but my sisters and I play the violin/fiddle. We form kind of a trio and sometimes a “quartet” with our dad on the guitar. Our fiddling teacher had all of her students play in this bluegrass event called Fiddlin Just Bcause. This year was the first annual one and the proceeds of this bluegrass event went to support the epilepsy foundation. Our teacher had her bluegrass band there, so we were able to play with them. We also got to play with all of her amazing students.

I had such a fun time and was very blessed to, first of all, know that we were playing for a good cause, to be able to get to know all these amazing fiddle players better, and very blessed to be able to play the violin and have people enjoy our music.

~Maris  🙂


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