Vacation Update

Hello everyone! I have been working on this post since I got home and am now happy and ready to share it with you! Here is an outline of our vacation. (FYI all pictures of what I’m talking about are above the description.)


So first off, we had to pack our camper which took in all a couple of days. We also made all our own food to take with us. We had brats (which we had previously BBQ), chili, and homemade hamburgers (also previously BBQ). Our camper is called a Hi-Lo because the top goes up and down (kind of like a velveeta cheese box if you even know what that is).


We then traveled all the way to North Dakota. We stayed at a place called Medora which is a historical town in the Badlands. Medora is where Teddy Roosevelt liked to stay when he visited ND. Every night in the summer, there is a Medora Musical that goes on. I really can’t explain it but it is really cool. They have an outdoor amphitheatre that they preform in. Also while we were in Medora, we got to see the acapella group called 6 Appeal. They were really awesome!

DSCN9048  DSCN9055

Right before we left ND, we went on a short hike in the Badlands.

DSCN9104  DSCN9106

Next, we traveled to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore. We had a really fun time in the Black Hills.

DSCN9127  DSCN9132

We also went on a hike in the Black Hills.


On the way home we saw an amazing sunset!

We had a really awesome vacation and I can’t wait for next year! Thanks mom and dad!  🙂


P.S. These are all my own pictures that I took with my PS camera.


2 thoughts on “Vacation Update

  1. Nice job Maris. I love all the pictures you took as well as your excellent descriptions!
    The sunset picture is outstanding. Did you take that while you were moving, or did you stop to shoot it?
    Glad to have you back home.
    Love, Pa


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