Summer Olympics!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!! I am so exited for the 2016 summer Olympics! You guys, I really love the Olympics (as you can probably tell). I’m rooting for the USA girls gymnastics team the most!  First of all, write in the comments which teams y’all are rooting for and second, which sports you like the most.  🙂

Here is a song written by the Canadian Tenors. (‘m not sure all the details of the history of this song, but I really love it and it does have to do with Olympics.) So, enjoy ya’ll!



2 thoughts on “Summer Olympics!!!!

  1. Maris that is an awesome song, and very fitting for today’s beginnings of the Olympics. You’ll have to let me know how it you came about finding it. Good job. Love from Sooke, BC.


  2. Hey guys. So I made a mistake about the origin of this song. It was originally …but not necessarily written by the Canadian Tenors. NBC used the music of the song when they were reporting on the Olympics. Sorry for the misunderstanding there. 🙂


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