Weekend Announcements!

Yo everyone!!! I am exited to make 4 announcements!

First of all, today is my first cross country race! (It is actually a scrimmage but whatever!) It is a 2 mile course so not the length of a full XC race but I am still counting this as my first cross country race! I am really exited and really nervous so wish me luck on that!

Secondly, I am going to the state fair today after my race! I’m not quite sure what we are planning to do there, but I would like to eat the state fair taffy (because that is my all time favorite!) and hopefully see some animals.

Another announcement I have to make is that sometime this weekend, I will be getting the cast list for Beauty and the Beast. I auditioned for it and I am really anticipating the casting list!!!

My last announcement is that tomorrow, I am going with my cousin and sister to an amusement park! Why this is really an announcement is because I haven’t ever been to an amusement park before so this is a new experience. (I really want to go on a roller coaster because I haven’t been on one before.)

So those are all my announcements! Tell me what fun, exiting things are ya’ll doing on your last weekend (sort of) of summer?



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