Back to School


Hello everyone! This week is officially my last week of summer! (I know some of you may have already started school but this can still apply to you!) On that note, all my posts this week are themed Back-To-School!

Today’s post is Back-To-School, Are You Ready? I think I can honestly say I am pretty much ready for this school year. I feel like I had a good, full summer and now I’m ready for the next season (pun indented!)  🙂 I feel like we can get into a rut and say, I hate school, I hate winter, I just want summer! The hot days and sleeping in baby! 🙂 I think it’s good for us to get into a place were we can enjoy each season as it comes (knowing that summer will come again) and look forward to what that current season has to offer.

I know I got on a rabbit trail there; sorry about that! Anyway, back to school; are you ready? Comment below and tell me about some of your expectations for school this year, things you are looking forward to and things that you aren’t looking forward to. Are you ready?

~Maris  🙂


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