Thrift Store Back-to-School Outfits

Hey guys! As you see from my title, today is a thrift store back to school outfits edition.

All these items are from Goodwill unless stated otherwise.

I know I usually don’t do these types of posts but I thought it would be fun to show ya’ll what I recently got at the thrift store and what I want to wear in the school year. Here we go!

1.Summer/Fall Casual Outfit

photo (3)

(First of all, ignore my oddly placed leg in this pic) This outfit is really simple. I have my silver thongs and my jean shorts. I have my white tank top from Walmart and my beautiful ‘M’ necklace from my little brother that he got at Kohls. The item I wanted to show off was my new black cardigan with the flowers and fringes on it. I got it for $6.99 at Goodwill.

2. Summer Fancy


My next outfit is my summer fancy outfit. The skirt is from goodwill with a leather beltish thing. My top is a no sleeved, lacy, white top from goodwill with the brand Black and White Market. It is really cool for the summer time. I am also wearing my cross necklace that I got from my cousin and I don’t know where she got it from.  🙂

3. Fall Casual Outfit

photo06R5EMGT  photo (4)

I am first of all wearing my new, jean, heart, leather laced shoes. They are from Goodwill but the brand is Keds -Taylor Swift. I have my darkish jeans with my white short sleeved shirt. There is a circle of color in the middle, it is kind of like a sunset picture. I topped it off with my red plaid shirt.

4. NCFCA Speech and Debate


I got this outfit for my speech and debate competition. The grey pencil skirt is branded Express. The shirt is actually a tank top with coral, grey, and black flowers branded Charlotte Russe. The suit coat is mid sleeved branded Joe Benbasset. I am exited to wear this for competition!

5. Winter Outfit


I really love this outfit! I am wearing my black slouch boots from Kohls, the marroun pants branded Icing, and this adorable grey sweater branded Express. You can’t really see it but on the shoulders there are little diamonds and jewels. So cute!

I hope you guys liked looking at a few of my outfits that I will be wearing in school this year. Comment on which outfit was your favorite, I can’t really choose one.  🙂






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