Fashion Evolution

Hello everyone! How are you all in the middle of the week on this Wednesday morning? I’m actually pretty tired and have had trouble getting myself out of bed these past couple of mornings.

I thought it would be fun for me

to do an American fashion evolution! Womans fashion has changed so much even over a time span of 30 years. I hope y’all enjoy!

From the 1920s to the 2000s

1920sflapper  1920swoman

1920s woman as well as flapper. As we start in the 1920, we see the pleated skits on the women at the right. Also the bowler hats and high heels. It’s funny how fashion now a days is really messy, slouchy whatever, while people in the 1920s wore dresses and high heels all the time. The picture on the left is of a flapper girl, with the short, sleeveless dresses.


1930s and the Great Depression. This was a time when women didn’t really care about fashion in as much as they were worried about staying alive and supporting their families. They have hats, longer skirts and coats.

1940s  1940

The 1940s was a time of cute dresses (at least in my opinion) and high waisted pants. Both of these styles are sort of coming in/are in, in a revised version.

1950  back-to-the-future

1950 and poofy skirts. In this time period, the girls were all about poofy skirts! They were also going sleeveless. The picture from the right is from Back to the Future. Loraine Banes wears the kind of clothes a 1950s girl would wear.

1960hippie  1960audry

Then we get into the 1960s with our hippies and long dresses. The hippies wore pretty much what you would picture, coats, tie die shirts, long bell bottom pants, and of course, the long braided hair. The fancy style was sort of an Aubrey Hepburn style, with the long, strait black dresses. Very fancy.


The 1970 had pants and coats outfits as well as collared shirts and plaid skirts with belts. I have seen this kind of skirt style now a days.

1980  1980s

The 1980s, my mom’s time period. The big hair and the mullets….oh, dear! The picture on the right is from the Incredible Hulk series from the 80s (it is very good!) with Bill Bixby. All the cloths there pretty much represent 1980s, although I don’t think I have noticed anyone with a mullet.

1990  1990s

1990s. Here we are getting closer with the styles but, as you can see with the picture on the right, I’m sure teenagers wouldn’t be wearing that and hoping to be fashionable any more.


2000s! The accurate clothing that I new would be correct are the clothes of high school musical. As you can see, the guys are wearing jeans and a t-shirt (pretty much) and the gals are wearing clothes that aren’t really fashionable anymore but would be ok to wear.

(Disclaimer: If I have any of these facts/pictures wrong, feel free to comment and tell me because I was not alive during any of these time periods!)

I hope you enjoyed my brief fashion evolution of American fashions! What time period was your favorite and which fashion do you like the best or hate the most? Thanks for reading everyone!



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