First Day of Fall!!!!


Yea!!!! Good morning guys!!!! I’m so exited and ready for fall!!! Yesterday was the first day of fall and I’m really pumped about it!


The first thing I really love about fall are all the colors! I love watching the leaves changing around our house! I love playing my violin outside in this weather because it’s not humid, and it’s sooooo pretty outside. Guys, there is nothing like taking your Bible, violin, camera, outside and just enjoying the Lord’s nature! He is the Creator and it is so amazing just to sit outside and enjoy what He has made!


The second this I love about fall is that the air get crisper. I know, this comes later in the season, but I really enjoy this part because the humidity get driven away to reveal a cool, crisp air. It makes it feel like fall and a love it!


The third thing: I am a big lover of scarfs and boots! Basically I love being able to get out the cute fall outfits and boots and wear them. They make you have a nice cozy feeling that you can’t really get in the spring or summer.

Thanksgiving Candles

The fourth thing: The décor! I love fall decorations! All the little leaves, the pumpkins that we have all over our yard from the garden, the candles, the acorns. All of this gets me really pumped for Thanksgiving because that might be my favorite holiday guys!

Those are my rants about how much I love fall! Comment below what your favorite, or not so favorite thing about fall is! As always, thanks so much for reading everyone!



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